Altitude at the service of sports performance

Everest Room - CMEP and ANJE Auditorium, Porto

June 14, 15 and 16, 2019



The Congress

The third International Congress of Hypoxia Medicine will be held on the 15, 16 and 17 of June 2019.

It will be devoted to the effects of altitude exposure (real and simulated), it is intended to address the issue, in a more in-depth way, and explore the clinical and sport benefits of it. The event also includes a workshop on Cardiopulmonary assessment and several outdoor sport activities.

  • President of the Congress

    • Jaime Milheiro
  • Organizing Committee

    • Jaime Milheiro
    • Pedro Amorim
    • Paulo Pires
    • Armando Teixeira
    • Ana Sousa - ## Scientific Commission
    • Gregoire Millet PhD (ISSUL - Lausanne)
    • José Gomes Pereira PhD (FMH)
    • João Beckert PhD (NOVA de Lisboa)
    • José Magalhães PhD (FADEUP)
    • Ana Sousa PhD (ISMAI)
    • André Moreira PhD (FMUP)
    • Jaime Milheiro MsC (CMEP)
    • Rita Tomás MsC (FMH)
    • Pedro Amorim (CHUP)

We have finished! See you next year.

  • Free Coffee Breaks

    Included in registration price.

  • 200 Participants

    Expected to participate at the Congress.

  • Networking after sessions

    Discuss with other participants the topics presented.

  • 20 Speakers

    Experienced speakers in various areas.



Meet the speakers who will be present at the second International Congress of Hypoxia Medicine.



The Second International Congress of Hypoxia Medicine brings together experts from various areas to discuss and present different topics related to hypoxia and performance medicine.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

    Instructor: Jaime Milheiro
    15:00 - 18:00h

    Cardiopulmonary assessment is essential to evaluate sports performance and efficiency. Take this opportunity to increase your understanding of the main concepts of this assessment, as well as all its relevance to the athlete, through a theoretical and hands-on session for 3 hours. Limited to a maximum of 25 participants (Price € 30).

  • Casual get-togheter at the municipality square to see the soccer game Portugal - Spain


    Don't miss the first game of the Portugal National Team in the 2018 football world cup in Russia on the giant screen.

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